At Gaetani Real Estate, routine inspections are anything but routine. Whether it’s the annual inspection of an entire building or just a single unit during tenant move-out, we have a list with dozens of points that get a close look by our professional property managers. And within that list are five key things that warrant special attention:

  1. Life safety systems: Fire escapes, fire alarms, sprinklers, extinguishers, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and ensure that they are all tagged correctly and up-to-date with inspections/certfications;
  2. Exterior Structural Integrity: If the building has an exterior wooden deck or staircase we always check for dry rot of any aspect of it that is out of code and/or dangerous;
  3. Signs of water intrusion on the exterior of the building from weather or signs of it inside due to failing plumbing;
  4. Tenant well-being: We check for signs of hoarding or extremely poor hygienic conditions, and alert the proper health or safety officials;
  5. General tenant safety: Broken windows, missing window locks, or chipping paint are all seemingly small issues that can turn into big problems down the road, but are easily avoided with a little attention to detail right now.

Knowing what to look for requires years of experience and training. Since Gaetani is now in its third generation and its 70th year in business, our clients know we’ve developed a keen eye for helping them avoid expensive remedies by undertaking regular inspections and maintenance. 

Photo: Ivy Dawned via Flickr – Creative Commons License