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Tablets help through the night – but they ruin the structure of sleep and addictive: whoever starts once, can only stop bad. Experts therefore advise against the medication.

The book has been read out, the hot milk drunk, the last sheep counted: It is already late – but list of sleep disorders still does not want to come. You become impatient and swallow a sleeping pill. Finally you are dimming away. But the next morning you feel only moderately rested, rather dizzy. Nevertheless, the fatal travel companion comes to mind again the next night. The day after it presents itself as blurry as before – you take the drug again. And so on.

Sleep aids are delicate. They only make for better nights in the short term, but they can not solve the sleep problem . In addition, they harbor a great danger: dependency. Even if no physical addiction develops, the mind can quickly get used to the medication. Because the conviction that you can not sleep without a tablet

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Practically every person periodically experiences joint pain to one degree or another. The shoulders, knees, hips, pain may appear and disappear, and may be constant. Perhaps you have already tried various methods of dealing with the problem, such as stretching, strength training, massage roller, anti-inflammatory drugs, natural supplements (glucosamine and chondroitin), but did not get the desired effect.