If you have an underutilized outbuilding such as a garage or cottage, or a space inside your property such as a basement, attic, or storage unit, you may be able to generate additional revenue through an Accessory Dwelling Unit, or ADU.

After successful pilot programs in selected San Francisco Districts, Former Mayor Ed Lee issued a directive charging the City to work towards fast approvals of ADUs. Mayor London Breed has reaffirmed her administration’s commitment to this program as well.

Taking advantage of this opportunity is not without certain challenges for property owners, as we’ve learned through experience. There are plenty of zoning issues and new building codes to go along with these new units, and it’s also important to do a thorough financial analysis to make sure adding an ADU to your property also makes sense from a dollars and cents perspective.

Managing the complexity of ADUs is one of Gaetani’s specialties as the premier property management company in San Francisco. For expert information about taking advantage of this opportunity to make sure you’re getting the best return on your investment in your property —  please contact us.

Photo: Nicolás Boullosa via Flickr/Creative Commons

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