San Francisco Property Management: It’s Different Here

Because of the complex rules and regulations concerning rental properties in San Francisco, as well as in many of the surrounding communities, it can take a long time to learn the ropes. At Gaetani Real Estate, we’ve been keeping up with these dynamic laws for over 65 years, reviewing every change to the statutes and determining the best methods of compliance for every building in our portfolio.


Collect scheduled rents when due

      - We keep records of rental payments and security deposits; make regular bank deposits and other financial transactions.

Accounting services

      - We provide monthly financial statements to our owners that are clear and comprehensive. These statements include accurate accounting of receipts and disbursements. We also provide budgeting scenarios and monthly budget analysis and reconcile bank statements.

Financial transactions

      - Mortgage, insurance, and annual tax payments are made promptly when due. All vendor invoices are verified and paid.

Repairs and maintenance

      - We monitor building maintenance and repairs with frequent on-site visits and annual building inspections. Any work on your property is supervised by the respective property manager to ensure that the repairs are performed correctly and in a timely manner.

Tenant management

      - Establishing and maintaining a good working relationship with tenants is fundamental for a building to maximize its full potential. We also serve as a liaison between tenants and act to resolve any disputes that may arise.

Legal Services

      - Unfortunately situations sometimes arise where a tenant is in violation of their lease. If reasonable efforts cannot resolve the issue, we are experienced with the eviction process and have long-standing relationships with specialized attorney firms. We serve all necessary legal notices.

Affordable Housing

      - We are experienced with all types of government housing programs administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.


Tenant acquisition

      - We professionally market vacancies and screen prospective tenants. We are experienced with complex California non-discriminatory laws and ADA requirements. Verifying credit history, tenant history and possible criminal history is standard procedure for all prospective tenants. We continue to manage the relationship for the duration of their tenancy.

Supervise Capital Improvements

      - We can supervise all capital improvement project at your property. You also benefit from our mass buying power for discounted supplies and services as well as established network with the most reliable and least expensive contractors.

Representation in Rent Board hearings

      - We represent our client’s interest during Rent Board hearings by appearing before the Rent Board to advocate on their behalf.